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Year 2017: Volume 03, Number 02

August 2017


ISSN 2415-1076 (Online) 

ISSN 2413-9351 (Print)






Article Title



A Review on Wireless Power Transfer in Free Space and Conducting Lossy Media

Rula Alrawashdeh

Mutah University, Alkarak, Jordan

PDF Fulltext                    doi: 10.5455/jjcit.71-1483030287


Adjacent Channel Interference Reduction in OFDM Systems

Arwa Waleed Mustafa and Khalid G. Samarah

Mutah University, Alkarak, Jordan

PDF Fulltext                    doi: 10.5455/jjcit.71-1493637656


Novel Technique for Securing Data Communication Systems by Using Cryptography and Steganography

Walaa H. Al-Qwider and Jamal N. Bani Salameh

Mutah University, Alkarak, Jordan

PDF Fulltext                    doi: 10.5455/jjcit.71-1494855263


Effect of Multiplexer/Demultiplexer Bandwidth on Upgrading Current 10G to 40G Optical Communication Systems

A. Atieh1, M. Wa’ad2 and I. Mansour2

1University of Jordan, 2Al-Ahliyya Amman University

PDF Fulltext                    doi: 10.5455/jjcit.71-1497643654


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