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Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

ISSN 2415-1076 (Online) 

ISSN 2413-9351 (Print)


The JJCIT follows the highest standards of transparency principles and publication ethics. The Journal takes all measures necessary to identify and prevent the publication of articles if a research misconduct has taken place. These measures are based on ‘Committee On Publication Ethics (COPE)’ guidelines on good publication practice. It is therefore important that all the parties involved in the publication process adhere to the expected ethical and academic behavior standards indicated in COPE.

Each submitted manuscript has to be an original work, which implies that the work described has not been published and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.  Each author and his/her co-authors should have a significant contribution to the submitted work. Every submission will go through specialized software (iThenticate) to check plagiarism and verify its originality. Duplicate/multiple submissions and redundant publications are unethical and completely prohibited. Authors and their co-authors shall bear all the responsibility to prevent and avoid such a misconduct.  JJCIT will deal with any misconduct or allegation of misconduct following the guidelines of COPE.

The JJCIT will take all the necessary measures to correct or retract any article if it was discovered that it has significant flaws or problems, as soon as such a case is discovered.

Whenever needed, the JJCIT will publish responsively any corrections, clarifications, explanations or apologies.  If a correction to a published work is needed, JJCIT expects authors to inform the editorial office of any errors they observed (or have been observed) in their published paper. The correction process depends on the publication stage of the paper.  If the errors were observed during the “Early Publishing” stage (i. e., online version published ahead of print), JJCIT will replace the online version with the corrected one along with a correction notice at the end of the corrected version. If the paper already appeared in a print issue, a correction notice will be printed in the next available issue. The correction notice will also be published online and linked to the online version of the paper. Moreover, JJCIT will retract any published paper if there is an evidence of plagiarism, multiple publication, unethical conduct or untrustworthy results. If such evidence is available during the “Early Publishing” stage, a retraction notice will be published online replacing the original retracted paper. If the paper already appeared in a print issue, a retraction notice will be published in the next available issue, which refers to the already published paper. 

Duties of Editors

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Duties of Authors

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