SMART PROBABILISTIC ROAD MAP (SMART-PRM): FAST ASYMPTOTICALLY OPTIMAL PATH PLANNING USING SMART SAMPLING STRATEGIES 10.5455/jjcit.71-1703130869 Muhammad Aria Rajasa Pohan,Jana Utama Probabilistic road map,Fast asymptotically optimal,Path planning,Intelligent sampling,Informed search 167 45 21-Dec.-2023 27-Feb.-2024 14-Mar.-2024 An asymptotically optimal path-planning guarantees an optimal solution if given sufficient running time. This research proposes a novel, fast, asymptotically optimal path-planning algorithm. The method uses five smart sampling strategies to improve the probabilistic road map (PRM). First, it generates samples using an informed search procedure. Second, it employs incremental search techniques on increasingly dense samples. Third, samples are generated around the best solution. Fourth, generated around obstacles. Fifth, it repairs the found route. This algorithm is called the Smart PRM (Smart-PRM). The Smart-PRM was compared to PRM, informed PRM and informed rapidly-exploring random tree*-connect. Smart-PRM can generate the optimal path for any test case. The shortest distance between the start and goal nodes is the optimal path criterion. Smart-PRM finds the best path faster than competing algorithms. As a result, the Smart-PRM has the potential to be used in a wide variety of applications requiring the best path-planning algorithm.