AUTOMATED ARABIC ESSAY GRADING SYSTEM BASED ON F-SCORE AND ARABIC WORLDNET 10.5455/jjcit.71-1559909066 Saeda A. Al Awaida,Bassam Al-Shargabi,Thamer Al-Rousan Automated Essay Grading,Support Vector Machine,Arabic WordNet,Cosine Similarity,Natural Language Processing. 11 3340 1281 2019-06-10 29-Jul.-2019 and 20-Aug.-2019 2019-08-24 An Automated Essay Grading (AEG) system is designed to be used in universities, companies and schools, which depends on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing technologies; as it has the capability to improve the grading system in terms of overcoming cost, time and teacher effort while correcting the students’ essay questions and papers. The AEG system widespread use is due to its cost, accountability, standards and technology; as that leads to the system being used and applied for multiple languages, such as English and French, among others. On the other hand, limited research has been conducted to automate Arabic essay grading. Therefore, this paper introduces an Arabic AEG system. In this paper, we propose a model for Arabic essay grading based on F-score to extract features from student answers and model answers along with the use of the Arabic WordNet (AWN) as a valuable knowledge-based method for semantic similarity. The purpose of using the AWN is to find all related words from student answers to give the answer a student score. Students will not be subject to injustice in terms of their marks in cases when they do not write the exact model answer, which subsequently leads to an improvement of the Arabic AEG system to match human grading. The proposed model is evaluated using Arabic essay dataset and the result shows that our proposed model produces a result which matches human grading.