A REVIEW ON THE SIGNIFICANCE OF MACHINE LEARNING FOR DATA ANALYSIS IN BIG DATA 10.5455/jjcit.71-1564729835 Vishnu Vandana Kolisetty,Dharmendra Singh Rajput* Big data,Machine learning,Data analysis,Big data implications,Big data challenges. 14 1305 583 2-Aug-2019 26-Oct-2019 16-Nov-2019 Big data revolution is changing the lifestyle in terms of working and thinking environments through facilitating improvement in vision finding and decision-making. But, big data science's technical dilemma is that there is no knowledge that can administer and analyze large amounts of actively increasing data and pull out valuable information. As data around the world grows rapidly and its distribution with real-time processing continues, traditional tools for automated machine learning have become inadequate. However, conventional machine learning (ML) approaches have been extended to meet the needs of other applications, but with increased information or large data knowledge bases, there are significant challenges for ML algorithms for big data analysis. This paper aims to facilitate understanding the importance of ML in the analysis of large data. It contributes to understanding the implications and challenges in big data computational complexity, classification imperfection and data heterogeneity. It discusses the capability to mine value from large-scale data for decision- making and predictive analysis through data transformation and knowledge extraction. It will suggest the impact of big data on real-time data analysis and discuss the extent to which machine learning can be used to analyze large data through machine learning in big data analysis. It will also suggest the meaning and opportunity from the point of view of encouraging feature research development in the field of ML using big data.