(Received: 19-Jan.-2024, Revised: 27-Mar.-2024 and 20-Apr.-2024 , Accepted: 24-Apr.-2024)
Technology implementation can significantly benefit organizations, but ensuring that it aligns with their business needs and goals is crucial. Adopting an enterprise-architecture approach can aid healthcare enterprises in overcoming challenges during the transformation process. In particular, this study examines how The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) can facilitate digital transformation while ensuring alignment with business needs. Using the Architecture Development Method (ADM) of TOGAF, the study analyzes the current architecture of the National Center for Diabetes, Endocrinology and Genetics (NCDEG) in Jordan, intending to develop a target architecture that helps NCDEG effectively achieve its goals by aligning technology implementations with business objectives. Utilizing TOGAF's ADM, the study navigates the complexities of technological advancements while ensuring seamless integration and effective utilization of resources. Furthermore, the findings highlight the critical role of enterprise architecture in facilitating organizational evolution, emphasizing the need for continuous evaluation and refinement to adapt to changing business landscapes and technological advancements for NCDEG and similar organizations. The proposed changes were validated through simulation using Rockwell Arena Simulation Software. Results showed significant improvements in patient handling, process efficiency, waiting times and resource utilization by implementing virtual clinics and digital solutions.

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