(Received: 29-Apr.-2023, Revised: 29-Jun.-2023 , Accepted: 19-Jul.-2023)
Blockchain technology has garnered interest in several scientific and engineering fields. To improve blockchain-technology services, its execution challenges must be addressed. Container-based virtualization enables running isolated apps on a shared OS where blockchain technology can leverage this technology to run numerous nodes, smart contracts and decentralized apps in distinct containers allowing resource isolation and allocation, faster deployment and scalability and improved security through limited host OS and other container access. This article covers container-based virtualization for blockchain technology, including current methodologies, prospects and future perspectives. Initially, this study explains blockchain and containerization, as well as the reason for their integration. Then, reviews container virtualization services to address blockchain complexity, size, scalability and security. Conversely, container technology uses blockchain to protect data and enhance resource management. Next, it analyzes the latest containerization and blockchain integration studies. Finally, difficulties and future directions are considered to advance this promising research.

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